The Secret of Mankind.

While you may not completely agree with me, only by looking within ourselves can we discover the supernatural world around us better. This knowledge is important because with it, we can understand what our purpose on this world is, where we come from and why we have to go through this life to finally return home.

Have you ever wondered why Adam was made from dust and elected as the vicegerent? Why didn’t Allah choose Gabriel (A.S) who was made of light or Azazil the jinn  who was made from fire?  They were created millions of years before him? Truly they would be more equip to take up the role. To the other creation’s surprise they were then commanded to prostrate to Adam (A.S) while having to contemplate a dilemma, Isn’t God alone worthy of worship?

Let us take a minute to think here. Azazil, the archangel, was said to be so pious and obedient that wherever you roam on earth on in the skies, no space has not been touched by the forehead of him submitting to the will of his creator. Even with such tremendous obedience he was asked to bow down to this clay-form creation.

Many will think how would it be possible for a forehead to take such pressure against the ground. Azazil must have had a really obvious black spot on his head it must have been noticeable from distance away.

Similarly, the angel Gabriel who was the medium of revelation for all the Apostles. They have obediently served for millions of years praising and worshipping Allah S.W.T without stopping for food or drink. Never to rebel or object, always obeying God’s commandments.
Why was he favored? What was about him that made him a secret of God? This secret would probably be lost in the hands of those too preoccupied to fill up the physical aspects of Islam trying to finding the right ‘type’ of Islam. Concerned more about who appropriates the Sunnah of the Prophet more, whose appearance looks better, whose beard is more arabic. Secrets such as these should only be discussed in private groups of people with higher awareness. If you dont practice discretion, people might call you an infidel or worst still JAIS will throw you in prison and put you on their lists of people with delusional teachings.
For those who are keeping this knowledge a secret please give others the chance to learn of this secret; share this post on Facebook, Twitter and other social medias. I believe many people are searching for answers. Why would you covet all the answers? The world is closing into doomsday anyways.  Even if it wont, our lives will soon, no one lives forever right? We will all die someday somehow.
It is really essential for people to discover a deeper component of themselves so they find meaning in this life. Pak Lah himself was looking for Imam Ghazali & Imam Shafie, searching for its hidden mysteries over the years. The Malays of today are not as they were in the 1950s, or in the 1960s. Malays today have become ‘materialistic’. Preoccupied with affluent objects. Believe me, the world will not bring you absolute happiness.
We have went through 55 years of colonial independence. Although most of the Malay ideologies have not changed, but slowly you notice an ascension in their morality as globalisation dawns in creating a borderless world.
I remember the time when it was considered tech-savvy to have a radio, not anymore. Then came the era of the black and white TV, then the color TV, the cell phones and today the internet is bombarding us with so much information and updates that we are having trouble handling. The Malays have become the meal in the bottom of the food chain. Do we want to continue to live like a frog under a coconut shell?
The political leaders of today must bear in mind, back then the Malays only studied The Muqadam and The Holy Quran without even knowing its meaning. It was considered enough to read a verse from The Quran during prayers. It was very rare for a student to advance his studies to delve into deeper reading as Ilm Tawhid, Ilm Hakikat and Ilm Ma’rifat.
Nowadays the younger generations have boundless access to the works of Al-Ghazali, Ibn Khaldun, Hamzah Fansuri, Jalaludin Rumi, Dr. Ali Shariati, Ayatollah Murtada Muttaharani. They are able to interact with people from all varieties of religions, races and nationality. They byproduct of all these, is a firm mind with a resilient character who wont be easily influenced by doctrines. For those who would like to study, various forms of religious texts, including those related to Sufism just go to KLCC, MPH bookstores, or even a plethora of e-book awaits them.
Try asking the younger graduates who have just returned from America and Europe, is Sharia  the only part of Islam? Does performing salah alone make us a true believer? Can Shariah stand without Hakikat?
Shariat is to Hakikat, like body to the soul, man to God  each being inseparable to the other. It is like the waves and the beach, rivers and the banks, rhythms and songs, flowers and petals. We need to see and embrace these religious aspects. We must see what lies within and not be quick to judge, challenge what our eyes see.
Try to make a camel go through the eye of a needle and you might call me crazy. I challenge you to see the whole universe as one consciousness and see the omnipotence of this world in each being that you observe. If we only have one point of view only, we would be like the caterpillar in his cocoon seeing the world within the confines of his cocoon. Or like the frog in the well who only see the world only through its eyes, his only hope of freedom is when the rain water floods the well. The question is, how long are we going to live like the caterpillar or the frog stuck in our own world. Do you think everything that happened to you was caused by chance?
There must be some reason  Dr. Mahathir constructed the Petronas Twin Towers. Mahathir began to say hint his year of retirement on Oct. 31, 2003 after ruling for 22 years and after the Malaysian population had grown to 22 million people. Retirement announcement was made on the last day of the General Assembly in 2002 after such a long time to promote the Vision 2020. Is this all coincidence?
Why does Mahathir have such inclination to the number 22? Could this all happen through inspiration, which happened under the plan of God? Mahathir may also have learned the nature  of men. Everything was created by pairs on this earth. There would be no earth without the skies, no man without woman! Adam was lavished with all sorts of favors in Paradise but nothing ever comes close to the companionship of Eve. And finally life pairs itself with death.
With every outer sphere there is an inner realm, now comes before later.  A scented wood, would give out a distinctive aroma when burned. Some scents are nice while others could be repelling. Wouldnt the soul of man give out a kind of scent too ? Every heart is  planted with spiritual seeds. These seeds can either be constructive or destructive. If you do good things there is no way the output of it can be repelling.
At least we must understand with the seen, there must be an ‘unseen’.  Mahathir was too busy governing the people with objects and material prosperity, he guarded the outer cage just fine, while the birds inside are left starving. It maybe that Pak Lah had made the bird inside the cage fly away all together.If the two had worked together only then can we possibly foresee a balanced development. If not, we will continue to be plagued by various problems, from the nature of the social or political aspects of UMNO. UMNO has everything at the outer-cage level but there no longer lives a bird inside of it due to its toxic environment!
The development brought about by the BN government under the leadership of Dr. Mahathir is irrefutably impressive. But the content he sought to create had unintentionally placed a void within the hearts of the Malays. I’m not badmouthing BN  here, PAS has their quirks too.
The damage done to the Malays today are just skin deep! Mahathir have spoiled Malaysia with wealth. Material wealth is necessary for the building of a nation. But it seems the two ‘E’s are not balanced, (education and economy). Education today are only the tip of the surface, a priority needs to be given in teaching spiritual education.
On the one hand, economic development is important. The Malays today are already wealthy, we do not have to collect donations in public places to build a mosque, orphan houses and religious school. This work is an insult to Islam. Islam enjoins us to find a way to live prosperous and peaceful in this world but we must remember this is only temporary. This world is but a journey moving toward an eternal afterlife. When we talk about the life in the hereafter, we must include the subject of the soul with the body as it covers a divine mystery of God. Even if we do not see and cannot hear his voice, but we worship him!
Just ask those who pray at home or in the mosque, if they believe there is a God? They believe but most of them do not even fear God. We are reminded, in Him we always ask for help, but do we really know our God? Do we know how God governs, can we recognize the kinds of things which he created? God did not create the Petronas Twin Tower and factory car suddenly. That is not the work of God! Man made all of that. Why not leave everything to chance?
Of course, God can do anything He wants to, but everything has its order. God can change the bike into a car, a Kancil into a Mercedes-Benz. All he needs is to utter the phrase Kun -Be, followed by Fayakun -and so shall it be done. Thus  the human hand makes it, now who does man think he is?
The Malay people today are no longer naïve and easily influenced as before. We should delve deeper into the inner aspects of our religion, only then will the hidayah flow to us naturally. But how can we discover or learn anything if our religious authorities bans everything!
A leader should be exemplary in his words and actions. His Knowledge must be robust and clear through his way of life. He has to walk his talk, and shouldnt be preaching what he has not yet  done before. A leader who is hypocritical in his action is unfit to pose the role. Rather it is he who should be led. Nowadays there are a lot of self-proclaimed scholars who profess to be the most worthy leader.
But in reality, they are really hiding behind immunities, religion and peoples delusion of who they are.Imam Al-Ghazali author of the notable Ihya Ulumuddin is considered by many wahabbis to be deviated. He also wrote the book entitled ‘Miskat Al-Anwar” to elaborate on theological aspects of Islam. Ihya Ulumuddin, the largest of his work is written as a beginner’s guide to those who would like to dabble themselves in tha area of sufism and the correlation between the Shariat and the Makrifat.
Al-Ghazali was a genius, well versed in the various aspects of religion – fiqh, Islāmic theology and so on – when he was a Scholar so grand. Although he learned about various other disciplines, especially logic, grammar and the philosophy of the Western world, but he felt all was not enough until he found a way Islam as a consolidation. He purported unification, not division.

Religious scholars of today however tells us to hate certain parties who does not allign with their teachings. Their pride easily stirred, they claim that their own teaching the only right way. The Prophet S.A.W had never taught this, he did not distinguish between the Arabs and The Ajams (Non-Arab). The only yardstick of excellence between a muslims is his earnest obedience.

Our children are born clean as white as cloth, but who made them Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians? If not their parents? Rather than providing a perfect religious education all they need to do is show good example.
Why we do not show and ponder on our own fault? Why should the children be punished? Why would you have the police handcuff and arrest them? WHere do you think this disease stem from?  Religion is not a simple meal of roti canai, where you can make your children swallow and be done. The feeling has to come from an authentic source within, when the euphoric taste has been experienced only then our feeling will inevitably incline towards this truth.
Everyone who preach, whether political leaders, scholars or speakers, or parents who educate children at home must display attributes qualified to emulate. Those who speak in front of a crowd must be accountable for their statements.. The statements made must be rational and easily comprehensible.
What we see in the TV today, the speakers dare not answer questions about Sufism, Mystics and theology directly. Every new question on the topic on spirituality are deflected and convoluted. What are you afraid of not appearing on next weeks show?
Islam is simple, why complicate it? If you want to it teach make it easy! What Islam, who is man , what is man’s relationship to God, for what purpose did God create man, if you don’t clearly communicate these answers to the younger generations of today you will cause more disruptive psychological illness. They are not provided a mission and vision for the afterlife to compensate for vision 2020.
God who ought to be worshiped have been misconstrued. The unlawful has been made lawful. The shahadah of the prophets and the shahadah of a slave is different. Shahadah means utter submission to God, not apart from God. Now people are more afraid of the ghosts than the fear of God.
Why do people today worship money, rank, power and women! People spend fortunes to meet these worldly desires. Where do we put god then? When shahada is not right, ask the scholars, can the others be right? Is it not weird when men confesses to worship GOd but all he is doing really are performing rituals of his ancestors?
Muhammad S.A.W was always opposed, condemned, insulted, accused of being insane by the pagan Arabs of his time, but he never went into a tantrum and star labelling everyone around him as infidels. There must be a reason how he can go through all this obstacles with complete ease and certainty. What can be hidden behind those 13 years of struggle? Why wasn’t he influenced by the Arabs who are willing to bury their own daughters alive? Worshipping idols, drinking alcohol, gambling, cruelty and rampant injustice against the oppressed. Somehow they still can accept Muhammad as a prophet and messenger of God because he was the best man, who always speaks the truth. Because he had put love of humanity above all…!
At first, the rays of truth of Islam through the Quran was assaulted and violently opposed. But ultimately, the Jews and the Christians and Arabs before Islam and speaker of the nobility of Quraish had accepted Islam as they begin to understood that Islam is a religion that represents the interest of human beings regardless of class or caste.
And thus ignorance was banished from the lands of arabia through the truth brought about by Muhammad S.A.W. He is sincere, honest and trustworthy. Despite receiving threats of temptations of women, wealth and power. The sun was presented in his right hand and the moon in his left hand, he did not budge from his mission to improve the morality and ethics of human life. This is the how people should portray Islāmic politics. Not to seek Islāmic politics through self interest. Prophet Muhammad is capable of doing all of this because he understands the nature of humanity.
In fact it was he who taught his followers about the truth of humanity. That is why the spirit of Islam used to be resilient despite being poor and severely oppressed. Bilal bin Rabah, who was forced to leave the Muslims to return to the religion of ignorance was willing to burden such heavy punishment. Through his last breaths “The One, The One” with every whip-lash.
Thus for us to reawaken the ideal spiritual state of Islam we have to revisit the pervious understanding of human nature. Are we able to resist the temptation of power, wealth and women? Are we courageous enough to speak the truth however painful it may be for us? Are we ready to leave corruption behind? Are there any scholars out there who are willing to be  ‘role models’ with exemplary qualities as  Prophet Muhammad S.A.W? Have they mastered these inner teachings of the soul and are they ready to live these values for the sake of humanity?

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